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How to Choose the Best Beach Umbrella

By :Margie Chavez 0 comments
How to Choose the Best Beach Umbrella

If you’re a frequent beach goer, a high-quality beach umbrella is an absolute must! Now you may be thinking, aren’t all beach umbrellas the same? However, there are actually many different types of beach umbrellas, and choosing one can quickly become overwhelming. To find a beach umbrella that will be durable, effective, and cute, look out for the following characteristics during your search.

Pay Attention to Size

Beach umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 6 to 13 feet. Size is an important thing to note when looking for a beach umbrella because if it’s too small, it won’t provide enough shade to be effective, and if it’s two big it can be an unnecessary hassle to transport and break down. A good idea is to make sure your South Beach towels fit underneath so you can relax on the beach without worrying about part of you burning from lack of shade.

Find a Color and Pattern you Like

What is a beach trip if you don’t take an Instagram picture? Beach umbrellas are available in so many fun colors and patterns, so make sure to find one you enjoy and doesn’t clash with your beach towels. You’ll definitely be looking like “that girl” with your coordinating umbrella and towel!

Choose One with a Vent

Being near a lake or ocean often results in higher wind speeds than you’d find when you’re landlocked. Though your beach umbrella should have a solid anchor to keep it on the ground, if the wind is strong enough you’ll definitely be wishing your umbrella had a vent. An umbrella vent is a small flap at the top that you can open and allow wind to pass through, rather than getting caught under the umbrella and knocking it over.

UV-Blocking is a Plus

If you’re someone who likes to relax on your beach towels for hours on end, you’ll definitely need an umbrella with UV protection. These umbrellas have a protective coating and larger width to block the sun’s most harmful UV rays. This type of umbrella blocks UVA & UVB rays and protects your body from UV radiation. With an umbrella like this you won’t have to worry about turning in early because of a sunburn, you can relax for a whole day at the beach with no skin damage.

Be Sure it Breaks Down Easily

As you may have noticed, beach umbrellas are not small. Luckily, most of them break down into more manageable pieces for easy transport. Before buying a beach umbrella, take a moment to check how easily it breaks down and if the pieces all fit in your vehicle.

Look for Canvas, Polyester, or Cotton

These are the most common materials that beach umbrellas are made of, and they’re all wonderful. Polyester has the advantage of being wrinkle and mold resistant. Cotton is a natural heat repellent and very affordable. Canvas is durable and completely waterproof. You can’t go wrong with any of these three. Simply choose the material that best suits your needs.

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