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Hurricane Ian

By :Margie Chavez 0 comments
Hurricane Ian

Our hearts go out to our neighbors on the West Coast of Florida.  Hurricane Ian has brought misery and destruction to so many.  Category 5 winds whipped through the small low lying coastal towns of Sanibel, Naples and Ft Myers.  With it came a historic storm surge that pounded the small islands with as much as 18 feet walls of water.   Despite many advance warnings to evacuate, many people stayed.  This part of South Florida was home to many retires and people who lived in manufactured homes.  Two scenarios that were difficult to imagine in a storm of this magnitude.  Sadly, the results are dozens of lives lost and the rescue effort is still on going.  Local, state and federal officials are working around the clock to bring resources where they are most needed.  The efforts have been hampered in some areas where the only way in and out of the islands were bridges that have been rendered impassable.  

This natural disaster hits so close to home for us.  We have experienced first hand the fury of such a violent storm when hurricane Andrew tore through South Dade county in 1992.  It took years to rebuild. 

Our friends need our help.  South Beach Towel will be donating beach towels to the storm ravaged area in hopes that fresh clean linens may make life just a tiny bit less difficult. 

For more information on ways to help please see the link below.

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