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What is the difference between a beach towel and a beach mat?

By :Margie Chavez 0 comments
What is the difference between a beach towel and a beach mat?

You may have seen the ads lately about “beach mats” and “sand free beach towels” on your IG or FB feeds.  I also imagine that it may cause someone to ask.. “What is the difference between a beach towel and a beach mat? ” The answer is… a lot. 

There is a difference and it should matter when making your purchasing decision.  There are a number of options in both categories worth breaking down by their individual pros and cons.   The most obvious con and also, most important in my opinion,  is bulk.  Regular thirsty beach towels are very bulky.  They take up a lot of room in your bag or your luggage.  Especially after folded over a few times.  That can be a serious space hog in the high value real estate of your carryon or tote bag.  If you are a family and are traveling with one per family member, this could require a bag just for the towels… who wants to lug around extra bags?  Another draw back to regular bulky cotton beach towels is drying time.. those guys hold on to water longer than a camel.  When we are on the go, a soggy beach towel isn’t exactly ideal.. It could mean going home with a drippy, sandy mess or having to use a damp towel the next day because it is not yet fully dry.  Lastly, the sand will stick to the thick fibers despite efforts to shake off your towel. If it happens to be wet and sandy at the same time.. well good luck.  We all know the icky feeling of toweling off with a damp sandy towel.  Not fun.

On the pro side, thicker towels are cozier and if they are 100% cotton are very absorbent.  Now fabric technology for towels has really changed over the last five to seven years.  Now we are seeing very low profile, microfiber beach towels and beach mats.  What I LOVE about these is how easily the sand flings off with a click of your wrist… literally slides off effortlessly.  Another AMAZING feature… no bulk..  you can fold up four adult sized microfiber beach mats for the same space just one regular towel would take up.   Now this is awesome for traveling.  If that is not already great enough.. beach mats dry really reallyfast.. meaning after you towel off and when you wash and dry them.  Anything that saves minutes in the dryer is saving money and kinder to the environment.  Don’t think for one moment that you are sacrificing absorbency either… these guys are as thirsty as a sponge.  They hold tons of water without feeling heavy or soggy. 

So in the battle between towels and mats… mats win..  Now you can find beach mats made of recycled water bottles too.. it’s a win win for travelers and mother nature..  After looking at various options online and comparing features and price points, the SouthBeachTowel wins my vote.  The prints are beautiful and trendy.  They are designed and printed in the USA.  They offer discounts and free shipping after a certain purchase value.  Check them out..

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