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How to Design Your Own Photo Blanket Using Canva

How to Design Your Own Photo Blanket Using Canva

How to Design Your Own Photo Blanket Using Canva

In the realm of personalization, a photo blanket stands out as a unique way to cherish and showcase memories. With tools like Canva, designing your own photo blanket becomes a seamless experience. This guide will take you through the process, step by step.

1. Getting Acquainted with Canva

Before diving deep, get familiar with Canva's platform.

  • Sign Up & Login: New to Canva? Sign up for a free account. Existing users can simply log in.
    Canva signup
  • Dashboard Overview: Canva's user-friendly dashboard is your gateway to templates, designs, and a plethora of design tools.

2. Choosing the Perfect Template

Canva's vast library offers templates for various projects, including photo blankets.

  • Search for Templates: Type "photo blanket" or "custom design" in the search bar to find the most relevant templates.
  • Select & Open: Pick a template that aligns with your vision and start editing.

3. Uploading Your Cherished Photos

Your photos are the essence of your blanket.

  • Go to Uploads: Click on 'Uploads' on the left sidebar.
  • Drag & Drop: Simply drag your chosen photos from your computer and drop them into Canva.

4. Crafting Your Photo Blanket Design

With your photos in place, the real fun begins.

  • Position Your Photos: Drag them onto the template, resizing and positioning as you see fit.
  • Add Personal Touches: Incorporate names, dates, or special messages. Canva offers a variety of fonts and colors to complement your design.
  • Enhance with Elements: Shapes, lines, icons, and more – Canva's design elements can elevate your blanket's look.

5. Perfecting Your Photos

Give your photos a professional touch.

  • Select Your Photo: Click on your chosen photo.
  • Apply Filters: Change the mood or tone of your photo with Canva's array of filters.
  • Adjust: Tweak brightness, contrast, and saturation to get the perfect look.

6. Final Steps Before Printing

Once you're content with your design:

  • Review: Double-check positioning and spelling.
  • Download: Opt for a high-resolution format like PNG or JPEG for pristine print quality.

7. Ordering Your Personalized Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket by South Beach Towel and Personalized Gifts

With your design ready to go:

  • Choose a Trusted Printer: We recommend
    Best Photo Blanket
  • Upload Your Design: Navigate to the printer's website and upload your masterpiece.
  • Customize Further: Select your preferred blanket size and material.
  • Finalize Your Order: Follow the on-site instructions, and you're done!


Designing a photo blanket using Canva is straightforward, even for novices. With its intuitive tools, Canva enables everyone to realize their creative vision. Whether for gifting or personal use, a personalized photo blanket is a beautiful testament to treasured memories.